What you missed at the Next Generation Cardiovascular Drug Development Summit

With 3 days of abundant insights into the latest breakthroughs and research and a faculty of world-class speakers pioneering the next wave of novel and precise cardiovascular therapeutics, the Next Generation Cardiovascular Drug Development Summit is biopharma’s unmissable meeting for the expedition of treatment for cardiovascular disease patients.

This inaugural summit will delve deep into the understanding of genetic components of cardiovascular disease, utilisation of imaging biomarkers, delivery of precise cardiac therapeutics, optimization of preclinical animal models, and overcoming off-target genome editing to mitigate against toxicity and long-term effects and unlock the potential of novel biologics.

Join 80+ of your biopharma peers including Boehringer Ingelheim, Eli Lilly, BioCardia, Novartis, Tenaya Therapeutics, and many more to unite and empower each other with the knowledge and insights you need to materialize your novel cardiac precision medicine and address unmet clinical needs.

Your Top 5 Takeaways:

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Unlock the potential of autologous cell therapy and genetically oriented approaches with BioCardia, HeartSeed and Tenaya Therapeutics to explore advances in myocardium regeneration.

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Discover the advent of novel, safer and more effective intramyocardial delivery methods from AAVs to lipid nanoparticles with BioMarin Biopharmaceuticals to maximize induction into the heart and increase therapeutic efficacy

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Understand genetic aspects of cardiomyopathy and leverage genetic data with LEXEO Therapeutics and Novartis to target identification using surrogate phenotypes

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Harness protein, inflammatory, and digital biomarkers with Bristol Myers Squibb and Sardocor Corp to drive a more standardized understanding of therapeutic efficacy and accelerate development of validated biomarkers

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Leverage innovative trial design and define heterogeneous patient populations with Boehringer Ingelheim to pioneer faster and more efficient clinical studies and improve outcomes to help treat patients with cardiovascular disease

What Attendees at Other Events in the Series Had to Say:

“Great place for intense scientific discussions on some of the most pertinent obstacles to gene therapy”

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“Excellent group of speakers and networking opportunity”

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“A great meeting with highly ambitious and thoughtful individuals working towards a unified goal.”

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