Partnership Opportunities

Get ahead of the curve and position your company at the forefront of the minds of leading and pioneering biopharma.

Non-stop momentum in the treatment of cardiovascular disease; the world’s leading cause of death, has opened the floodgates for huge pharma investment into preclinical efficacy data, in vivo and in vitro models, and novel target identification, along with the emergence of pioneering biotechs to meliorate cardiovascular therapies in the near future using gene therapy, CRISPR, mRNA and cell-based therapies.

Can your solutions help to push the boundaries in cutting-edge basic and translational next generation cardiovascular research?

Don’t miss this distinctive opportunity to set yourselves apart from your competitors and bespeak your preclinical heart models, novel biomarkers, surrogate endpoints, and the next generation of drug targets and more to meet the increasing demands of this rapidly growing field to unlock the potential of cardiac precision and regenerative medicine.

Who Will You Meet?

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